Picture this: you are 192 lbs, 50 years old, and you need to get to 235 lbs…of muscle, without putting on weight. How would you go about this? Mickey Rourke was put in that position for filming his return to fame, The Wrestler, and followed the Mickey Rourke Workout until that goal became reality. Fair warning, this is not for the faint of heart…but is well worth learning to make the most of your workouts, and aim to get yourself ripped and strong.

Mickey Rourke on the mat in The Wrestler

To begin with, no serious body building change happens without minding your diet. When Mickey Rourke was put in the position of having to bulk up, he worked with a dedicated personal trainer and nutritionist to make sure he had both the fuel and the exercise needed to shape up. For putting on lean muscle, your diet needs to begin with a healthy amount of protein and controlled levels of fat and carbs.

A typical day in Mickey Rourke’s training diet consisted of 12 egg whites in the morning, lots of chicken breasts, many supplements, thin cuts of steak, veggies and fruit, and a never-ending stream of protein shakes. This diet cuts carbs to the bone, and has enough healthy fats for proper function but no more. Meanwhile, it has plenty of protein to fuel muscle building.

For you training at a local gym or at home, you want to emulate this without going quite so far. The typical guy should build meals based on lean proteins (chicken, thin cuts of steak, shrimp) with some carbs and fat, and mixing in shakes and the like for extra fuel for building. Doing this will get you ready for the Mickey Rourke Workout.

The next step is the actual exercise. Here is what Mickey Rourke did for The Wrestler workouts:
1. He started every day with 2 hours of running, then went back to sleep
2. Next, an hour and a half of strength training, followed by a balanced lunch
3. More cardio conditioning, with dinner right after
4. Back to the gym for lifting
5. The actual wrestling practice, with protein shakes in between

Rourke followed that system of diet and exercise for nearly seven months, and packed on pounds of muscle while staying lean. This system was so taxing that he needed daily massages in order to keep his body loose and handle injuries without shutting.

Anyway, that is an entire day’s worth of working out, and would not fit the average man’s schedule. What you can do is apply the lessons that Mickey Rourke follows: stay on top of the strength training, refuel with protein as needed, and get ample cardio training. Follow some kind of sport–rather than wrestling, MMA, kick boxing, soccer, whatever–to get real-world training using your improved body.

Combine all of that with a healthy high-protein diet, and you will be well on your way to a strong Mickey Rouke Workout that you can do at home. While you may not be able to put on quite so much muscle while being so lean, you can greatly improve the physique that you have right now, and move towards a more attractive and healthy body.

Also, here is a video showing one of the workouts used by the cast of The Immortals, including Mickey Rourke:

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